Barntiques .. Your Source for Fresh off the Farm Aniques

Barntiques .. Your Source for Fresh off the Farm Aniques

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Peacock New Movie on DVD

A movie on DVD that just came out April 20th! It is full of famous stars and the story line is not my favorite, but it's a real thriller. Why I love this move so much is that some of the scenes were filmed in the little town of Bridgewater Iowa. We were fortunate to see the filming and meet the director and the main star.. Cillian Murphy. The general store scene in the beginning of the movie was shot a "Doris's Store" in our little town where we have our "Lake House". My Mother and Doris have been friends since childhood and her store is so wonderful. Unfortunately it is now closed due to Doris's health.
This is a picture of Doris's store when they shot the movie.

This is a picture of Jessica and Cillian during the shooting.

Jessica and Nathan with the director Micheal Landor.
Our cash register from Barntiques was also in the movie. It was in the cafe scene will Ellen Paige of "Juno" fame. A movie company representative came to Barntiques and bought and rented several things for the movie.

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  1. I'll check the movie out. Thanks for the comment & I'll be watching for the ironstone. I bought several pieces when we came to your mall last summer. Jan



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